Orquideas Katia of Colombia offers quality orchids for sale. Our Orchids are species and hybrids that originate in Columbia. We sell orchids throughout the world and visit orchids shows regularly. Our flickr site has hundreds of pictures of our orchids. Our website has a pdf of currently available orchid seedlings and select divisions. Our flickr site is https://www.flickr.com/photos/orquideaskatia/albums
Orquídeas de Colombia
Colombian Orchids


Orquideas Katia is committed to growing, educating and selling orchids.
We provide quality grown, non collected, native orchids of this beautiful country.
As such we have many select cultivars of the orchids of Colombia.
Please review our lists of orchids currenlty available, in the catalog page.
Please look at our calendar for other events as well as our shipping schedule in various countries.
Our Services
Colombian Orchids For Sale
Speaking Engagmenets
We grow and sell orchids of Columbia all over the world.
You can visit our nursery or arrange shipment in countries such as the United States.  We ship in the U.S. approximately every quarter.
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